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#Fashion Friday: Shades of Love

“Love is that condition in the human spirit so profound that it allows me to survive, and better than that, to thrive with passion, compassion, and style.” – Maya Angelou

They say Love is one of the most powerful feeling in the world. Love – an accumulation of small details that make it momentous. It is filled with intense and passionate emotions that will take you to a joyous world. Love travels faster than anything; even light ! Love drives people to do things they have never done. Love is hard to explain and difficult to understand, but it keeps people together.

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#FashionFriday Men: 7 styles for 7 days

From runways to high-street fashion, men have also taken the style factor by storm. Men hold an untapped treasure trove of style inspiration too. Looking effortless, comfortable, and appropriate are things that also men have in common. Below is the style lessons to help you achieve the looks for every occasion!

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#FashionFriday: 7 ways to style yourself this winter

We love that one of the “effortless” ways to stay on trend is with color, and the earthy and neutral color trend is definitely one that we are embracing this winter. Earthy and neutral tones are a color scheme that includes selection of diverse and modern colors that are inspired by what can be found in nature. While many of the colors and styles we see on the runways cannot be easily translated into everyday wear, the earthy color palette certainly can. It might seem basic, but it’s also fashionable and functional, creating a fresh, natural and understated chic look. Below is day-wise themed look to create a perfect scrapbook for you this winter !

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#FashionFriday : A Girls’ Day Out

Weekends are good. It gets even better when you have your best friend to accompany you. Yes! that was the weekend: bliss. She woke up early, I mean early by the winter morning standards. She was meeting her friend. It had been a while and she was excited. She slipped on a pair of denims, cozy sweater and jumped in her sneakers. She looked at the mirror – not too casual or too overdone for the day. An hour left to meet her friend. She grabbed her bags, rushed out of her home and hailed for a cab.

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What is #FashionFriday?

Evade into the realm of flawless style, striking fashion and endless possibilities of Hashtag Fashion Friday. #FashionFriday brings you fashion and lifestyle dedicated to capture beauty, from the simple to the serene. #FashionFriday will  incorporate products from local retailers to give you the best make-over from the streets and a buzz on the latest style trends. #FashionFriday will be a spoon full of vogue every Friday bi-weekly.

Stay tuned!!

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