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5 things you didn’t know about Snowman’s Cafe!

If you’re strolling down the streets of Freak Street, you will stumble upon the pretty little packages of joy that  beckon us from the bakery window. Their enticing colors and mysteries hidden inside their flavors. If you like cakes and nostalgia, this unfussy cafe might be your heaven. Their popularity with local people and youths have led to Snowman Cafe as one of the best locally owned cake shop.Snowman Cafe has taken over the city with its unique combination of cakes and art, and it’s obviously picked up some stories from decades along the way.

Snowman has been selling cakes for more than 40 years, and there’s a reason for the cafe’s long-standing success. Ram Prasad Manandhar (aka Baje), the owner of Snowman Cafe, feels their customers should be treated as an extension of their own families, and in exchange, the customers keep coming back again and again to see them. Have you ever wondered which of the cafe’s pastries is the most popular, or how many different flavors of cakes were on the menu? The answers will surprise you for sure! Without further ado, here are 5 facts about Snowman Cafe.

  1. Snowman – The tobacco shop

    Before you knew Snowman as “The” ultimate cake shop, it served as a Tobacco shop in  the early 1960s. “I went to villages with my father to bring tobacco for the shop. Tobacco was a normal thing. Hashish too was found in most of the shops of freak street. “Shopkeepers freely sold them and it too came in a good price.”

    The old restaurant of Snowman !
    The old restaurant of Snowman !
  2. Snowman was a Restaurant

    Baje started his life in the food service after he made an adequate amount of revenue to open a restaurant. Freak street changed with each decade and in the late 60s a lot of restaurants bloomed like mushrooms. He said, “A small investment was sufficient to start a business.” The restaurant commenced with 20 seats with mexican, french and continental cuisine. Live band traditions kicked-off since then. “Sometimes our place would run out of seat and hippies filled the streets outside the cafe. The environment was soo lively!””Live bands, chitchats, colorful streets defined freak street!”

    Psychedelic art has filled the walls of Snowman.
    Psychedelic art has filled the walls of Snowman.
  3. A Juice Bar!

    The restaurant was a good start-off but eventually with the cook being irregular they had to switch the idea to something else. Born from a  popular cravings of the people,snowman produced the freshest juices. Baje says they provided variety of seasonal juices. They did not provide all flavors but made sure they provided juice extracted from the freshest fruits.

    Some things don't change: Baje and his cakes !
    Some things don’t change: Baje and his cakes !
  4. A Confectionery Story

    Amidst the restaurants and juice bars of freak street, an immediate air fills you up with the distinct aroma of baked cakes. The window-still gives you a pleasant treat to the eyes. Not long after the juice bar, Snowman converted it to a cafe; specifically providing only cakes and seasonal drinks. “We had a handful of flavors from lemon pies to pumpkin pies and pineapple cakes too! But, had to reduce the flavors as we didn’t and don’t have much manpower and also enough time to bake.” Baje says that bakery was also very popular. “I went for my baking classes in German Bakery. And also watched a lot of television and went through many recipe books.” When asked about how the taste of cakes haven’t changed yet, he smiles and replies, “it’s the art of cooking which has been mastered with time.”

    Which flavor is my taste-bud craving today?!?
    Which flavor is my taste-bud craving today?!?
  5. The Favorite of all !

    Chocolate love and Black Forest  is the most requested cake flavor at Snowman cafe. Chocolate Love  is a rich treat that remains popular with customers due to its smooth, creamy taste and Black Forest gives a soft and moist treat to your tongue with layers of smooth cream and bursting with cherry juice. This decadent dessert is a frequent choice with customers looking for birthday cakes.

The moment your foot is set in this cake shop there is absolutely no turning back. The first view that welcomes the customer is the homey cake display showcase. Plenty of cakes draw anyone who glances over to the window. Coconut flakes on a creamy sponge cake and layers and layers of chocolate, brownies and pies stacked delightfully challenges ones’ self-control. No wifi or barista coffee. It’s all about the cakes and simplicity. It’s the perfect place to satisfy that sweet tooth of yours!

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