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#FashionFriday Men: 7 styles for 7 days

From runways to high-street fashion, men have also taken the style factor by storm. Men hold an untapped treasure trove of style inspiration too. Looking effortless, comfortable, and appropriate are things that also men have in common. Below is the style lessons to help you achieve the looks for every occasion!

Wardrobe: Jeans Jacket, Grey Striped Sweater, Jet Black Jeans, Neon, Civil Mall; Grey Sneakers, Sasto Deal; Sunglasses: Aristle (Houston Black), Anthropose

One of the easiest ways to stay in style is color coordination. Play around with blunt neutral tones to keep your look effortless. A striped sweater layered by a jeans jacket, grey vans and a pair of sunglasses, make a perfect timeless casual outfit idea.


Wardrobe: Knitted Sweater, Jeans, Neon, Civil Mall; Shoes: Grey Sneakers, Sasto Deal; Sunglasses: Ethos II (Houston Black), Anthropose

A well knitted sweater is one of the flattering wardrobe for men. A sweater with the perfect neck-cut and print will accentuate a lean figure and streamline a heavy physique. Team the sweater with a plain jeans, sneakers and sunglasses to keep your cool factor on track!


Wardrobe: Black Blazer, Grey Shirt, Brown Pants, Neon, Civil Mall; Sunglasses: Voyager (Japanese Gold), Anthropose


Every mens’ closet should be built upon a blazer. A black blazer is ideal. Black is a universal color, which works well in a plethora of different situations. Also, cotton pants are a good investment. Pair your pants with a grey shirt, black blazer and brown wingtip brogues to create an understated look for a meeting. Sunglasses are also a great way to add personal style to your outfit.


Wardrobe: Black Bomber Jacket, Grey Jumper, Denim wash Jeans, Neon, Civil Mall; Shoes: Grey Sneakers, Sasto Deal; Sunglasses: Coleman (Japanese Gold), Anthropose

You can never go wrong with black. Consider pairing a black suede bomber jacket with washed denim and grey jumper for a trendy and easy going look. Grab a pair of grey sneakers and “coleman” sunglasses for a more relaxed feel.


Wardrobe: Blue and White Checkered Shirt, Black Jeans, Neon, Civil Mall; Shoes: Red Kickers, Sasto Deal; Sunglasses: Hansard (Olive Tortoise), Anthropose; Bag: Belle Monk Kathmandu

Casual doesn’t have to be boring. Have fun with woolen collared shirts! They look great with almost every outfit if teamed properly. Pair it with black jeans and bright kickers! Take risks and approach casual a bit differently.


Wardrobe: Grey Knitted Sweater, Dark Blue Jeans, Neon, Civil Mall; Sunglasses: Coleman (Black Ink), Anthropose


Getting to wear your favorite pair of denim is the best part of every Friday. You can always complement them with laced up boots, but you can also insist on being relaxed all the way through with leather oxfords. Pair it with grey turtle sweater to keep your style minimal and focused. And, yes, those statement sunglasses to protect you and make you look suave and debonair!

Wardrobe: Maroon Joggers, Grey Sneakers, Sasto Deal; Blue Ombre Sweater, Neon. Civil Mall; Sunglasses: Aristle (Scotch Tortoise), Anthropose

Ahh,yes, weekends are those days when you can enjoy your day in joggers and feel comfortable the entire day. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be boring. As mentioned above, play with colors! The key to achieving a desired outfit is by mix-and-match ! Add spunk by pairing maroon joggers with a knitted ombre blue sweater, grey sneakers and “Aristle” sunglasses. A perfect outfit for a lazy Saturday!




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