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#FashionFriday: 7 ways to style yourself this winter

We love that one of the “effortless” ways to stay on trend is with color, and the earthy and neutral color trend is definitely one that we are embracing this winter. Earthy and neutral tones are a color scheme that includes selection of diverse and modern colors that are inspired by what can be found in nature. While many of the colors and styles we see on the runways cannot be easily translated into everyday wear, the earthy color palette certainly can. It might seem basic, but it’s also fashionable and functional, creating a fresh, natural and understated chic look. Below is day-wise themed look to create a perfect scrapbook for you this winter !

Wardrobe: Suede Jacket, Skinny Jeans, Black Booties from Lane 88, Sunglasses: Coleman (Black Ink) Anthropose

Take me to Lunch
Nothing relaxes the mind on a weekend morning more than the thought of a leisurely brunch with friends. Stay cozy with a pair of skinny jeans teamed with a suede jacket and ankle booties. Simple and chic is the perfect way to approach any brunch outfit!


Wardrobe: Off-white knits, Ripped Jeans, Monotone Pumps from Lane 88, Sunglasses: Voyager (Gun Metal) Anthropose

Shades of Cool
There are times when you just want to enjoy a nice movie with your friends because gossiping has become too mainstream (hahaha)! You don’t want to look too “overly” done or just way too basic. Confused what to wear? Team a hand-knitted sweater paired with ripped jeans, pumps and yes, a little accessory goes a long way!


Wardrobe: Leather Pencil Skirt, Mustard Silk Blouse, Monotone Pumps from Lane 88, Sunglasses: Ethos II (Houston Black) Anthropose

Simply Sophisticated
Meetings can be monotonous but is a great platform to present yourself. Deciding what to wear on a meeting can be as excitingβ€”or nerve-racking. Whether you’re headed to a casual or a business meeting, the most important part is that you feel comfortable in your outfit. One of the best ways to style for a meeting is a pencil skirt with a classic blouse layered with a coat. The ensemble will look classic and chic as formal attire.


Wardrobe: Suede Skirt, Black High-neck, Black Tie-ups from Lane 88, Sunglasses: Hansard (Olive Tortoise) Anthropose

Who’s that Girl?
It’s Wednesday which means its hump day and you can’t stop thinking about letting loose your mid-week stress. Style a suede skirt with black high-neck, chained bag to keep your essentials safe, those sexy tie-ups and sunglasses to grab their attention. You sure want a head-turn ! πŸ˜‰


Wardrobe: Ripped Skinny Jeans, White Sweater, Black Ankle Boots from Lane 88, Sunglasses: Ethos II (Houston Black) Anthropose

Innocent Luxury
Who doesn’t love shopping? We all especially girls just love to indulge in shopping. It is one of those happy moments we get after a serious retail therapy ! We all like to keep it basic as in we don’t want too much bling! Link your skinny jeans with black boots and off-white sweater to keep you warm while you shop till you drop!


Wardrobe: Off-white knits, Black skinny Jeans, Monotone Pumps from Lane 88, Sunglasses: Ethos II (Houston Black) Anthropose

The City Chic
Being raised in a city is totally a blessing! You get to try all those flattering clothes to accentuate your personality. While you walk around the streets, you sure want girls to flatter your taste of style! It’s the perfect season to go Monochrome! Ally those black pants with a off-white knitted sweater, black pumps and sunglasses to add that edgy look.

Wardrobe: Off-white knits, Skinny Jeans, Tweed Loafers from Lane 88, Sunglasses: Coleman (Japanese Gold) Anthropose

Girl in Revolt
Ahh, yes! Weekend is here! It’s the perfect day to cozy up and do nothing. A chic hat to save you from the sun, white knits to make you cozy, skinny jeans to cover you from the cold breeze and those statement sunnies to hide your shy eyes! The quintessential outfit for a laid-back personality.


Whether its winter or summer, don’t be afraid to experiment with your clothes. It is not necessary to buy a set of new wardrobe for every occasion. Add texture by mixing and matching pieces with chunky knits, silk and leather. Another great thing about earthy and monochrome is that it not only compliments your skin tone but the colors lend themselves well to a variety of different settings, that can easily let you accessorize. πŸ™‚



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