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#FashionFriday : A Girls’ Day Out

Weekends are good. It gets even better when you have your best friend to accompany you. Yes! that was the weekend: bliss. She woke up early, I mean early by the winter morning standards. She was meeting her friend. It had been a while and she was excited. She slipped on a pair of denims, cozy sweater and jumped in her sneakers. She looked at the mirror – not too casual or too overdone for the day. An hour left to meet her friend. She grabbed her bags, rushed out of her home and hailed for a cab.


Sunglasses: Anthropose Hansard Mulberry Wardrobe Courtesy: DS Collection, Sherpa Mall

She stopped by the mall to buy a gift for her friend. As expected, mumbling of young girls chattering filled the store. Looking at them reminded of her friend; how much they loved shopping together and helping one another to try outfits. Maybe this is the reason why shopping makes you feel at comfort.

She checked her watch and realized the day was moving in a very relaxed pace. Shopping felt like hours that day, she missed her company. Without further delay, she got out of the store and quickly got into the cab. As the cab moved, her mind drifted to the palace of memories she had with her friend.

Sunglasses: Anthropose Aristle & Ethos Location: D-Lifestyles, Lazimpat


As she got off the cab, she found her sitting in a nearby cafe. Though they have made it to meet each other at least once a week, sometimes one is lost with their busy schedule. They say it right, true friends never grow apart, they just pick up from wherever they left. Their chatter started as soon as they met. Though they already knew almost everything what’s been happening in each other’s lives but there was a different experience retelling the same stories over and over again. A banter of never-ending stories and giggles. They both were not set to leave for home.

Location: D-lifestyles, Lazimpat

As for their weekend? A truly magical day filled with warm cappuccinos and uninterrupted laughter!

Photo Credit: Ayush Shakya


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