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Look what we’ve done: Palungtar, Gorkha

Today we head out to Palungtar, Gorkha where we will be providing free cataract surgeries to 150 visually impaired people. To me personally, this is the first step towards the dream I once dreamed of.

My dreams turned into my plans. My plans became a party when my friends joined me in the journey I set out to make. And, our journey became a reality when “YOU” hopped into the bandwagon. YOU who supported us by bravely deciding to buy Anthropose over other well know brands. YOU who encouraged us with your happy optimistic words. YOU who decided to join in with no questions asked. YOU who decided to take a selfie and post it on your instagram feed. YOU who chose to gift a pair of Anthropose to your dad. YOU. Without YOU – the beautiful people – this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you. YOU and us; make a good team.

I vividly remember thinking about this day when I first sat down to write our manifesto. Now looking back at it, its no different.

To US.

Take care,

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Suraj Shrestha
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Suraj Shrestha

Suraj Shrestha is the CEO | Founder at Anthropose & Co-founder of Sastodeal and Sastobook.
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Suraj Shrestha
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