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Our Manifesto

There is always a beginning. This, is ours.

A beginning of our convictions.

Our beliefs.

In the indomitable power of unity.

The grand voice of the “WE.”

This is not a political agenda.

‘Tis our attempt to re-define the caliber of the “WE.”

Our attempt to intervene the status-quo

and say “Enough is Enough.”

Because when the “WE” comes together,

it changes things.

It makes things happen.

Waiting for the perfect time is unimaginable for us.

There will never be a perfect time.

We work where we are,

with what we have.

It’s Arts.


It’s about GIVING BACK.

‘Tis about voicing out your beliefs as one community.

And, if rejection sets in, it’s about never giving up.

Holding grounds of hope and perseverance.

‘Tis about the story that bonds us together.

The story of Change.


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Suraj Shrestha
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Suraj Shrestha

Suraj Shrestha is the CEO | Founder at Anthropose & Co-founder of Sastodeal and Sastobook.
Minimalism. White. Change. Pearl Jam. Wingtip.
Suraj Shrestha
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